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[Best of App] MIUI Weekly App Trend #54: Best Painting Apps to Fill Your Life with Colors

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Hello MIUIers,

Here comes another round of MIUI Weekly App Trend! Last week we shared Cricket Apps, and this week we are going with Painting. Enjoy!

Drawing is a nearly ubiquitous past time. People from cultures all over the world have been doing it since before recorded history. We’ve evolved a lot since the old days. Instead of cave walls, we now have phones, tablets, and computers to draw on. The artist bug can hit anybody. So,Here we present you the Best Painting apps we collected this week.

Weekly App Trend #54: "Painting Apps"

(1) Anime Draw Step by Steps ~ Master Your Anime Drawing Skill

However, it is important for anyone learning to draw to start with basic concept. Even though anime is a cartoon style of art, there are some elements that are rooted in reality.

Comic book artists tend to exaggerate just about everything. Like step by step drawing flowers and also step by step drawing animals, must first learn how to draw it correctly before making it pop or making their characters look larger than life.

What makes this style so fun is that it shows life and energy in how the images are displayed. A lot of what you see is almost as if it came from a photo or magazine that was turned into anime with some added exaggeration.

Learning the basics:-
It goes without saying that we must all learn to walk before we can run. It's common to see comic book newbies and amateur's work posted on sites that have issues of anatomy and proportion.

Anatomy is an area that all artists must continue to hone and improve upon. Good anatomy makes a drawing more believable and acceptable to the eye. Drawing Manga and Anime there are a few things you will need first.

A positive attitude, a sharp pencil, a big eraser, and some inspiration are included here. American comic book artists do this all the time. Starting with the concepts of true anatomy allows them to move beyond that framework a little in order to make a character more exciting, dramatic and larger than life.
It's easy to see why it's so popular. We follow this with teaching you how to draw the eyes, how to draw nose, how to draw ears, how to draw hairs, how to draw face, and how to draw body step by step.

What to do first?
Watch lots of movies and read lots of Manga. While it is hard at times to consider, sometimes it can be valuable to mimic a popular artist's style to learn how to draw in this style.

Artist manga was just starting out to learn How to draw anime step by step, a Japanese style of animation that has become increasingly popular over the past several years, is easier than you think.

Anime televisions show Simple Shape To Learn How To Draw Manga. He created many popular works using this method before developing his own unique style which has now become very well known.
Study Famous Works

Examples from life
The real world is the best place to reference great work. Go out-doors (if you can) or go somewhere public like a mall and "people-watch". Take in the world and its beauty and bring it to life in your work. It contains short hair can curl, bend, and go just about everywhere. Draw Anime Eyes and also cool things to draw step by step.

Easy Drawing Tutorials:-
Manga is not just an art, it is a pure imagination drawn on paper. Moreover, Anime drawing tutorial is like Learn how to draw manga without story.

There are a lot of books out there that show the production art of an anime. Many of these artists have websites as well. It's a good idea to study professional work and how they get things do

How to draw anime girls, how to draw dragons, and also how to draw eyes are included here. Obviously, they are able to get large amounts of work done while adhering to deadlines. This means that they probably have methods that are tried and tested. I'm a big fan of this "insider information".

Drawing anime tutorials for beginners includes each anime character like eyes, nose, mouth, hair, heads, face, movements, their weapons, and clothes.

Posted By - The_Rl_slimshdy
Date - 24/04/2018
Download - Here

(2) Skedio:- Easy Vector Drawing, First In Galaxy Smart App

Skedio is an award-winning application for vector drawing. It minimizes the effort involved into creation and further editing of high quality illustrations. Skedio has a powerful vector engine, so any object, from simple line to complex free-form curve or text label, can be edited independently. Its shape, size and position can be precisely tuned for it to find exactly the right place in the resulting masterpiece. Skedio bridges the gap between classic sketching applications with limited editing tools and complex design software that targets computer graphics professionals. You don’t need to be an artist or a designer to use Skedio. It is for everyone, simple and powerful at the same time.

- First prize winner of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for Galaxy Note
Features of the application:

- Several different sketch styles for your choice
- Natural tools for creation of free-form curves, geometrical shapes, and text
- Precise form editing tools based on vertices of curves and lines
- Common transformations and modifications: rotation, scaling, flipping, duplication
- Intuitive eraser tool
- Various dashed line styles and arrowheads
- Ordering operations: bring forward, send backward, etc.
- Undo and redo
- Support for pressure-sensitive active pens (like Samsung S-Pen)
- Infinite canvas size for unlimited creativity
- Pan and zoom with two-finger gestures
- Sharing of sketches as PNG images
- Export and import capabilities for transferring between devices
Premium features:

- SVG export
- Export with transparent background
- No watermark
- Snapping to grid and angles (helps to draw perfect circles and squares)
- Advanced color picker
- Grouping of objects
What can you create with Skedio:

- Creative artworks
- Schemes and diagrams
- Educational illustrations
- Technical sketches
- Mind maps
- Handwritten notes
- Floor plans
- Doodles
- Etc.

Posted By - niteshm505
Date - 23/04/2018
Download - Here

(3) Kids Painting - Create Beautiful Painting & Save It

Kids love to paint, create painting and save it. Kids Painting App helps them to create, paint & share their imagination. Your kids will enjoy coloring various images with this app. Have a special coloring experience with Kids Painting & Coloring app. This application will help sharpen their drawing skills as well. This is one of the best coloring apps available on Android market.

- Save Painting/drawing to gallery
- Share your painting/drawing with your friends
- Set your favorite painting/drawing as Wallpaper
- Allow use of Pen, Zoom in & out
- Custom Color Selection Tool

Posted By - viity
Date - 24/04/2018
Download - Here

(4) Color Lab ~ Play with Colors and Design Mind-boggling Art

An incredible app which contains such tools as: paints color systems, color picker, eye dropper, color space converter, image palette generator, color harmonizer.

Color Lab contains 118 colors systemswith over 112 000 color int them. Such colors systemsas: Benjamin Moore, British Standard, Caparol, DIC, Dulux, Dupont and more.

Eye dropper works both with images from galley and from camera real time.

Color Space Converter can convert from one color space to another. Color spaces available to convert: CIE-L*ab, CIE-L*CH°, CIE-L*uv, CMYK, HSL, HSV, Hunter-Lab, RYB, sRGB, XYZ, Yxy.

Color Harmonizer contains 11 types of harmony: Complementary, Split Complementary, Analogous, Analogous Accent, Triadic, Square, Tetradic+, Tetradic-, Clash, Five Tone, Six Tone.

Color info contains a list of 5 closest colors from each Color System.

Color Lab is the best choice for anyone who works with colors!

Posted By- The_Rl_slimshdy
Date - 24/04/2018
Download - Here

(5) Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint

Artecture enables you to sketch, draw and paint like never before. If you love to draw, regardless you are an amateur or a pro, Artecture provides all the tools that you’d love.  Enjoy over 30 unique high quality realistic tools. Tune them to match your own taste. You will love it. It’s made by art lovers for art lovers like you. It is simple, beautiful and fun, all together.  You can do everything from taking notes to fast architectural sketches, cartoons, illustrations, water color and oil paintings. It feels so real. The best part: it’s all free. No ads.. no download request.

Get it and discover a natural and authentic experience of drawing, painting & sketching on canvas.

Main Features:

      •        All the drawing tools that you love to draw and paint with, including Pencil (for realistic sketches), Marker Pen, Oil Brush, Oil Blend brush, Oil real brush, Water Color, Airbrush, Palette Knife (with color mixing), Paint Roller, Paint Tube, Eraser, Flood Fill, Glitter Tube, Far brush, Gradient Brush, Fill Pattern for Every Tool and more.

      •        Multi-Layers with create, remove, lock, visibility, opacity,  re-ordering, merge etc.

      •        Different Image effects on selected layer like Sepia, Inverse, Blur , Gray, Bright, Colorize etc.

      •        Symmetry: Vertical, Horizontal, Concentric with changeable center of symmetry.

      •        Tracing with automatic color pick, Template Coloring, Import/Export Image.

      •        Geometric Shape (Free, Line, Rectangle, Circle) drawing.

      •        Pen-Only mode (Palm rejection).

      •        Canvas rotation

      •        Multi-Touch shortcuts.

      •        Color Palette with favorite color defaults and color picker.

      •        Floating favorite Color and Tool Palette.

      •        Rectangular and Free hand selection.

      •        Copy, Paste Rotation and mirroring of selected area.

      •        Text Insertion (Insert, resize, rotate and mirror).

      •        Export artworks to standard image formats (.jpeg, .png, .bmp).

      •        Auto save of artworks.

      •        Open last drawing with tool preferences.

      •        Static background (Texture, Color, Image)

      •        Tool presets


      •        By default, it saves artworks in “Artecture” folder on device storage, with .bme file format. Only Artecture Gallery can open/view this file format. However, you may export to .bmp image file format also. To reuse a .bmp file, you can simply insert it using the insert option.

      •        It gives option to change the storage location. Gallery can detect .bme artworks from all the changed locations on device storage.


      •        Upload artworks on Facebook & PenUp both from canvas and gallery.

      •        Share artworks via Bluetooth, WI-FI Direct.

      •        Mail, send or save artworks and exported images via MMS, email, shareit and other applications installed in the device.

Posted By - Mr.Naughty
Date - 23/04/2018
Download - Here

(6) Paint :- A Premium Powerful & LightWeight Art Tool

Paint is a premium one of a kind Art tool that every artist should have. The Application offers a wide range of features; for instance, A variety of brush sizes and modes to bring your creative ideas into life, you can toggle Full Screen mode to help you focus on your drawings, and a wide set of colors that are easy on the eyes. You can load images into the app to base your drawing on or to simply edit. All your drawings will be neatly saved in your gallery under Paint's folder. This app is also compatible with stylus However, what makes Paint amazing, is that its size is less than 1 MB, which means that the app is very lightweight and it will most likely run in all the devices without any problems. The application will be consistently updated with more features and tools.
- Lightweight
- A Lot of Brush Choices to Choose From
- Beautiful Colors
- A Size of Less Than 1 MB
- Simple
- Easy To Use

Posted By - niteshm505
Date - 23/04/2018
Download - Here

(7) PaperDraw:Paint Draw Sketchbook

PaperDraw is an excellent painting application which is imitating the real paintbrush to draw and doodle,graffiti.Easy to painting, learning to paint, learn to draw.
PaperDraw have different styles paintbrush and colour library.Help you to creating the perfect drawing.
Whether you on journey,stay alone,in the party or just want to waste time in the airplane,PaperDraw is the best application that you can drawing in your phone or tablet.

Exquisite drawing tools!
★Handwriting signature in pen after you have finished the drawing
★ There’s many tools which is imitating the real paintbrush , ruler and eraser for you.
★Mark in your photo.
★Draw on picture.

Enjoy the drawing time!
An painting application which is easy to help you to show yourself.
Basemap help you to learn drawing in straight way.
Choose a photo as the basemap and setting to translucent . Drawing it !
Dexterous scaling under your fingertip.
Enjoy the drawing experience,and use the tools to coloring it !
Finished the drawing and sharing it to internet,showing it !

New Features
- Add text input
- Add custom cover
- Add custom background color
- Add graphics tools

Posted By - Mr.Naughty
Date - 23/04/2018
Download - Here

(8) Designapp Graphic Design :- Create your own Unique Design

Create your own unique logo design in just a few minutes.
It's not limited just to design logos. Create banners, letterheads, posters and basicly anything you'll ever need.
Designapp is the ultimate "design app". It becomes the perfect logo maker & business card maker for someone who needs a brand new logo design for his business, also a great party flyer generator for a person to design flyers for his parties.
DesignApp offers a full design application and tons of design elements;use your creativity!
- More than 10000 royalty-free graphic design elements. (Shapes, badges, icons, logos)
- All design elements are vectors.
- Import your own SVG vector files into designapp and use them with other design materials.
- Over 600 special fonts styles.
- Design a logo for your business with Free & Premium ready-made logo design templates.
- Create your own hand-drawn designs with our "free-drawing" option.
- Publish your designs on for free or for a fair price, and make money with your designs.
- Easily save your designs into your account and share them with your friends.
- Also, use our HTML5 vector graphics editor with your browser on your PC. Everything is the same!

Posted By - niteshm505
Date -23/04/2018
Download - Here


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16:18, May-15-2018 | From Mi 5
Awesome Collection Bro!

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