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[Best of App] MIUI Weekly App Trend #41: 10 SOS Apps Will Help You in Critical Situation

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Hello MIUIers,

Here comes another round of MIUI Weekly App Trend! Last week we shared Dating Apps Collection and this week we are going with SOS Apps Collection. Enjoy!

A Personal Safety Apps or SOS Apps is a mobile assistant, which can be used to aid personal safety. Technology, including social and mobile tools, are playing an important role in improving overall personal safety, with technologies such as GPS, SMS, video, alerts, alarms, and more, allowing a user in distress to alert bystanders and close friends.
They normally include different triggering mechanisms to cope with different emergency situations.

Common triggering mechanisms include pressing and holding the phone's switch button for a few seconds, shaking the phone vigorously, tapping on an alert button, and even loud screaming sound which the app can detect. When the alert signal is triggered, these apps automatically go to work, sending text messages and emails with exact location of the user to emergency contacts listed on the app.

Here we present you the 10 Best SOS Apps we collected this week.

Weekly App Trend #41: "SOS Apps"

(1) Family GPS Tracker Kid Control - Tracking Cell Phones

KidControl GPS phone tracker turns your child's phone into a tool for monitoring phone usage and tracking location and safety. Who knows, it might even improve your relationship with your kids!

To get automated alerts when your child arrives somewhere, create Places (geo fences), such as School and Home. When your child enters or leaves these areas, your phone receives a notification.

When the phone's battery level falls below 15%, KidControl GPS tracker sends alerts about this phone, and you can remind your child to charge the phone.

The report on battery and internet shows you how often the phone is charged, how quickly it drains, and when it's disconnected. You can use this information to tell when your child goes to bed and gets up. You can also see the stability of the internet signal for the last two days.

To provide precise coordinates, the phone must have Geolocation service enabled. It is managed in Android > Settings > My Location. Enabled Wi-Fi increases accuracy to 30-100 feet and works indoors. GPS location has accuracy of 30-150 feet, only outdoors.

When GPS tracking and Wi-Fi location are turned off or not available, KidControl family locator determines phone's location by LBS coordinates of GSM towers with 300-5000 feet accuracy. Such locations we mark on the map with the "No GPS" icon. To provide LBS data, the phone still needs Internet connection.

★ Receive automated alerts when your loved ones arrive home, school, or any places you set
★ In case of emergency, use the SOS button to send a help alert
★ Browse your child’s location history for today and yesterday
★ KidControl GPS phone tracker can locate even in the underground parking!
★ Get alerts when the phone battery is low, so you can remind your child to charge the phone
★ Navigate to your child location
★ Search for a lost or stolen phone
★ Set up Dangerous zones to receive alerts when your children enter them
★ In Premium version, enable Blackbox feature - recording of geodata when Internet is off
★ Connect Wonlex Smart Baby Watch Q50 and enjoy better performance.
★ Add second child, your spouse and other family members to your account
★ You can see the report of how your child is using and charging her or his phone
★ Kid Control GPS tracker has intelligent battery consumption, so it only uses 1-7% of the battery during the day
★ You no longer have to bother your child with “Where are you?” calls or texts
★ Telegram bot for desktop computers
★ Locate Android Phones and iPhones with Family Locator Kids Control

Posted By - abhaysinghr
Date - 24/01/2018
Download - Here

(2) SOS – Stay Safe! Alert Others When In Need

SOS – Stay Safe! is a powerful personal safety app that empowers you against acts of violence, and helps summon aid in case of an emergency. SOS – Stay Safe! is useful in a wide range of possible dangerous scenarios like being stalked on the way home, attempted physical or sexual assault, domestic violence, road accidents or medical emergencies.

How it works:
All you need to do is press the ‘POWER’ button of your phone three times in succession. SOS – Stay Safe! automatically sends an emergency message to friends and family along with your location and device battery level.

The app allows you to get help effortlessly and discreetly without raising any suspicion. The GPS tracking helps the recipients track your exact location.

There are two versions of the SOS – Stay Safe! app – Free and Pro

With the free version:
• Add up to 2 SMS emergency contacts
• Add up to 2 email emergency contacts

With the Pro version:
• Add unlimited phone and email contacts
• An audio recording of your situation is sent as an attachment with every email
• Use the app without advertisements in it

• SOS – Stay Safe! can be customized to alert police, security agencies, and community watch groups for emergency assistance, and quicker investigations.
• SOS – Stay Safe! is a peer to peer application. No personal information is stored in our servers. This means that user information, documented use of the application, saved data including messages, images, audio which may have been recorded, location information, battery level of the phone, activation dates and times of alerts are not saved in any form.

Posted By - Krishnasen
Date - 22/01/2018
Download - Here

(3) Family Locator - Most Accurate GPS Locator Phone Tracker

Family Locator – GPS Phone tracker app lets your family be in touch and stay connected with your friends anytime.
✓ See the real-time location of your family & friends
✓ Share free messages with your family and kids finder app
✓ In need send/receive SOS with exact location
✓ Get notification, when your kid reaches destination
✓Mark safe zones such as school, or home on the map
✓Create your own groups in the app (of your kids, friends, or colleagues)
✓ Receive alerts when kids go where it’s not safe
✓ See the location history of family members during past 7 days (available as an in-app purchase)
✓ Easy real-time tracking of your stolen or lost phone
✓ Find your phone easily using your friend’s phone

The most accurate Family Locator for your family safety and phone tracking

✓ Family GPS Tracker combines the robust GPS tracking functionality and internet mapping
✓ Family Locator app was designed as an easy to use safety tool for your family, children and friends localization.
✓Enhance security and safety of your family members using smart intuitive app

With Family Locator app you can track safety and security of your child, family members & retired parents and always know where your loved ones are

✓ Privacy of your family is top concern for us, reveal location only to people you trust
✓ Know when kids leave school, Grandma’s, and mark danger zone in the map to be notified when family member enters the zone
✓ Navigate to places your close one got stuck (works best with Sygic GPS Navigation)

Family Locator and GPS Phone Tracking app keeps your close ones connected and secure

✓ The family locator app lets you find your friends, child, and other family members easily with augmented reality
✓ The app keeps you in touch even if you are busy
✓ Check-in to tell others your location

GPS Phone tracker app keeps an eye on you cell phone even if you lose sight of it

✓Find your cell phone easily thanks to real time localization of your smartphone
✓ Track your lost or stolen cell phone for up to 7 days, thanks to Premium Location History function
✓ In case your phone gets lost, check its location as soon as possible on some of your family member’s phone. To see its location on other phone, your cell phone and its location services have to be turned ON.

Posted By - abhaysinghr
Date - 23/01/2018
Download - Here

(4) SOS Emergency App "Very Useful" !!!

Please install the SOS Emergency app. The emergency app has been very useful to others. There are no obligations; it is free and ads free. The Emergency App is travellers friendly; it includes world wide emergency contacts. Tools such as whistler can be very handy.

Included features:
In case of an emergency it can send an emergency sms to your contacts. This Emergency app will keep you informed your current location. You can view, share with others.

This Emergency app will also provide you the current country emergency numbers - Police, Fire, Ambulance.

This Emergency app maintains a copy of all country emergency numbers. You can search it by country name.

This Emergency app allows you to activate distress through your phone notification Bar action button, phone Power
button, and SOS button.

This Emergency app allows you customise your SMS message with no character limits. You can also include your last known locations.

This Emergency app can also send emergency message to your emergency email contacts. This Emergency app comes with default Police siren voice, which can very helpful in notifying passerby and you get their attentions.

This Emergency app should* work even when you are travelling overseas (Internet, SMS credit required. Please test all app operations).

This Emergency app comes with "Photo mail" feature that can capture a photo and quickly sent an email to your pre-filled email addresses.

This Emergency app comes with whistle voice. Please use it to get attention

Posted By- im_B2
Date - 23/01/2018
Download - Here

(5) SOS - Be Safe - Stay Connected

Stay connected, Stay Safe with SOS-Be Safe!!
SOS-Be Safe is an excellent application for the safety of one and all. Send alerts to your emergency contacts with the click of a button, in case of an emergency. The alert is delivered to your contact via SMS and shows your exact location.

►Walk With Me:
Let your family follow your location on a map. You can leave footprints for them to know exactly where you are.
►Power button to alert:
Press the power button of your phone to trigger an alert. A SMS will be sent to all the people on your emergency contact list, all at once.
►Reach On Time:
Automatically send an alert to your family or friends if you do not reach your destination within expected time.They can then see your current location or reach out to check if you need help.
►Know emergency support around you:
See the nearest police stations and hospitals on your map within the specified radius of your location

Posted By - iGaurav
Date - 22/01/2018
Download - Here

(6) SOS FastLight - Stay Secure

SOS FastLight is a free, intuitive, attractive and useful flashlight using your device’s flash LED. Using the highest brightness of your flash LED you will find it useful in any situation with low light or total darkness.
If you are in danger you can use the built-in SOS Morse signal with one single touch to let others know you are in troubles.
And now, with the new available widget, you will be able to instantly turn your camera flashlight ON and OFF from your Home screen page without need to get in the app.
- Brightest flashlight/torch using camera LED flash.
- Turn on flashlight on APP open.
- SOS Morse code using camera flashlight
- Strobe mode LED with adjustable frequency (6 intensity levels)
- Attractive interface design
- Low size app design (less than 5MB)

Posted By - Shahi123sh
Date - 26/01/2018
Download - Here

(7) Shake2Safety - Personal Safety ~ Best SOS App For You!

** Personal Safety App / Emergency Alert / SOS app  **
** Works even on locked screen.
** Works even when there is no internet connection.
** No Registration required. No root required.
** Mimic the Galaxy S6's SOS Feature on Any Android Device

Shake2Safety is a SOS app that lets you send text messages to emergency contacts, share picture with location and record audio in emergency situations. All this happens by just shaking the phone or pressing power button 4 times.
Alert your family members and friends in an emergency situations with this app.

Some of the features are :-
Sending multiple text messages with location to different numbers saved as emergency contacts by shaking your phone or pressing power button 4 times.
Sending picture of emergency situation with location to a contact using shareable media.
Recording a 4 second audio in your device.
Knowing your current location by just clicking the button at top right corner of the app.
Siren button.

Directions of use :-
Use the + red sign at the bottom right to set your primary emergency contact.
Choose Send SMS/Text message, Call or both options.

Choose another number as emergency contact.
You can now choose as many contacts for sending Text Message/SMS

Note -> By shaking the phone or by pressing power button 4 times, you can send as many Text message/SMS to different phone numbers saved by you but call can be sent to only one contact i.e. your primary contact.

Go to preferences in settings to set the Sensitivity (between 10 to 25 for most phones) to avoid sending text message, call or share picture by mistake.
Now you can send a Picture of the emergency situation with location to a contact.
You can also send picture to a contact using multimedia messaging or MMS via Hangout etc

Enable or disable photo sharing from preferences in the settings menu.
Saves a 4 second audio recording during a SOS event. Enable or disable this feature from the preferences.
Enable or disable power button or shake feature from the preferences.
Use this application in case of emergency like accident, harassment, robbery, abuse, natural calamity, bullying, terrorist attack, medical emergency, airplane mishap, domestic violence, natural disaster like earthquake, tsunami  etc
Material design and easy to use interface.

** Manually restart the app after the phone is switched on from off position.
** Now you can activate the app in the settings menu
** Shake detection is ignored after 10 seconds.
** For call and text message/SMS standard carrier charges may apply. If you have unlimited text message then no charges may apply.For sharing picture your Data charges may apply if your phone is not in free WiFi range.

Note -> The sensitivity shown is in reverse order. This means 5 sensitivity is too high and by a little shake the app is activated and 100 is lower that means you have to shake too much to activate. In simple terms it is the other way round.

** For location please keep your GPS on. When there is no Wi-Fi, GPS or mobile data then no location goes with the message/picture. Also it gives your last location if GPS is off.
** Do read our privacy policy and terms of use
** Power button option might not work in single core processors or when there is another feature in built the phone where power button is involved.Users can still use the shake option.

Whats New:-
Send multiple text messages with location to different numbers saved by you with a shake or using power button
Send picture of emergency situation with location to a contact.
Audio recording feature added.Now a 4 second audio is recorded on your phone.
Current location button added.
User can activate or deactivate options to share picture or audio from settings-->preferences.
Know your current location by just clicking the button at top right corner of the app.
Siren button added.

Posted By - The_Rl_slimshdy
Date - 22/01/2018
Download - Here

(8) S.O.S. by American Red Cross - A Medical Emergency Strikes

Be safe, prepared and informed when a medical emergency strikes with the American Red Cross’s S.O.S. App for Android.

The American Red Cross has teamed up with Dr. Oz and Sharecare to create the ultimate emergency care application. S.O.S. provides step-by-step instructions on dealing with a variety of emergencies, including choking, broken bones, strokes, allergic reactions and more. Not sure what the problem is? We’ll help you figure that out, too.

This free app includes:

- An expansive Emergency Guide for easy access to emergency care information.
- A questionnaire to help you determine an emergency’s severity and proper treatment.
- Dozens of videos, narrated by Dr. Oz, to coach you through emergency protocols. Particularly complex techniques, such as unconscious choking and CPR also include an audio and visual counter for real-time CPR compressions.
- Quick Care factoids to help you stay ahead of the curve before an emergency strikes. These range from knowing which foods can help motion sickness to the medical use for kitty litter.
- Easy access to 9-1-1. If you’re not in the US, we’ve got you covered – the app will determine what country you’re in and dial the appropriate emergency number.
- Alerts from the Red Cross to make it easy to help out in the case of a major disaster

Posted By - abhaysinghr
Date - 22/01/2018
Download - Here

(9) Stay Safe Pro - Personal Safety App For Your Phone!

The world is not a safe place! Over 1000 people lose their lives daily in natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other reasons. Don't be one of them! You can change this right now! Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with StaySafe!

The Stay Safe app protects you from the tense global situation and the increasing number of threatening emerging situations, from terrorist attacks to natural disasters and everything in between.

This life saving app uses global positioning to locate your exact location on the globe and warns you about dangerous occurrences in your area that can be hazardous to you and your family's life.

The App immediately notifies you when a dangerous event occures in your nearby area and, most important, gives you the best way out of danger! Some of the categories of events covered by the Stay-Safe App are: terrorist attacks, war zones, riots, gang fights, natural disasters (wildfires, fires, floods, tsunamis, vulcano erruptions and instabilities, storms, hurricanes, tsunami and general menacing weather and natural events), and any other potentially dangerous and notable situations.

You just need to keep StaySafe installed on your mobile device and give it the access to your location. Don't worry, we won't track your location for any other purposes than keeping you safe! Also you don't need to keep the application open because it is running in the background all the time and notifies you about dangers, guarding your life without you having to do anything. For a more in depth and detailed view you can open the application and expand individually all the global dangerous events.

Don't wait until it's too late, stay safe starting today!
You need the Stay-Safe App because it's your most reliable ally in an unsafe world!

Posted By - The_Rl_slimshdy
Date - 27/01/2018
Download - Here

(10) SOS Game - Challenging And Anticipates The Future Moves

The favourite classic game that we all have played usually at class-room with pencil and paper, is available on Android!

You can play with your friends or versus the computer.
There are two difficulty levels normal and hard and the SOS Game uses random engine so the computer won't make the same moves all the time.

The hard difficulty level is very challenging and anticipates the future moves.

For those who don't know how to play SOS game here are the rules.
1) SOS is a two player game played in a 2D grid e.g. 7x7.
2) The players have the option to put either S or O at an empty square.
3) Each turn plays one player.
4) If a player makes an SOS sequence (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) that player plays another turn.
5) The player which will make the most SOS sequences wins.

Posted By - abhaysinghr
Date - 23/01/2018
Download - Here

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Mijia Qi CycleMi  BunnyMijia Story TellerMijia 360° Panoramic CameraMi HeadphonesYi Action CameraMi ScaleMijia Smart PTZ CameraMi Band 2Mi Bluetooth SpeakerMi MIXMi VRXiaomi 6 LaunchMagic CubeMijia VR Play 2Mi HomeNinebot MiniMi Notebook AirUnlock MedalMi Bluetooth HeadsetMi TV 70Mi Kids WatchMi BoxXiaomi 7th AnniversaryAnTuTuAwesome!MIUI Devices ContestFantastic!I Love MIUIMIUI 8FlashholicMarshmallowMi Note 24 Million Forum MembersRedmi Note 4XMi TVMi 4iSuper Thursday100k Forum MembersXiaomi 5th AnniversaryPuzzle MasterHilal Ramadan Ringolicious Medal90000 Forum MembersMIUI 20 Million UsersFan Of MIUI UkraineRooster Year of 2017Fan Of MIUI Russia300K Forum MembersSuper WednesdayMIUI World TourHappy Valentine's Day3500K Forum MembersMIUI Forum AppRocket to FutureMIUI PSuper Monday2 Million Forum MembersMIUI 2017Super SaturdayMIUI Fan From IndonesiaMIUI Fan From PhilippinesWomen's Day Medal1700K Forum MembersMIUI SMIUI Happy MedalMIUI Weekly PollFan Of MIUI IndiaFan Of MIUI SpainMIUI Lucky Friday10 Million Forum PostsHappy DiwaliMerry ChristmasMIUI 7th AnniversarySuper FridayMIUI Philippines Fan MeetupMIUI 9Surge S1Fan Of MIUI GreeceSuper SundayMIUI Font Lover500K Forum MembersMIUI 100 Million UsersSuper TuesdayFan Of MIUI BangladeshHappy New YearMIUI 50 Million UsersHappy Singles' Day5 Million Forum App InstallsI Love Mi BunnyGamer Mi BunnyMiPopSummer Mi BunnyMIUI Review8 Million Forum MembersStar WarsMIUI ExpertRingtone ExpertYouth PledgeOreoNougatRedmi Quiz Master25 Million StrongMIUI Quick DiscussionMIUI Weekly Devices QuizMIUI Halloween 2017Quick Survey7 Million Forum Members5 Million Forum MembersMIUI FB FollowerSupriseApp Star2017 Annual AwardsMIUI Twitter FollowerMr. DependableBlack SharkMIUI G+ FollowerXiaomi 8th AnniversaryMi TalentIndia Independence DayMIUI KingAndroid GuruOTA FeedbackMIUI SuperstarDebate MasterMaster Of TechnologyDie-hard MIUI FanStar Of TechnologyScroll Of WisdomAndroid ElfMi Story TellerMost Popular Forum UserForum Contest LoverMost Active MIUIerTheme TalentMIUI Medals CollectorMIUI Android 4.4 KitKatMi Bunny Game Master MIUI FollowerPioneer of MIUI English Forum Mi A1Mi Lover MedalUpdates LoverTechnology Guru

00:44, Feb-13-2018 | From PC
awesome and fantastic collection.
Always Believe That something Wonderful is About to Happen!

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Mijia Smart PTZ CameraMi HomeMi ScaleMi Notebook AirMi BoxMi MIXYi Action CameraMijia Qi CycleUnlock MedalMi VRMagic CubeMi Bluetooth SpeakerMi  BunnyMijia 360° Panoramic CameraMi TV 70Mi HeadphonesMi Kids WatchMi Bluetooth HeadsetXiaomi 7th AnniversaryMIUI Devices ContestI Love MIUIAwesome!FlashholicMIUI 8Fantastic!Redmi 3SMi 4iRedmi Note 3Mi 4cRedmi Note 24 Million Forum MembersRedmi Note 4Redmi 4XRedmi 2Super MondaySuper TuesdayHappy Valentine's DayFan Of MIUI BangladeshWomen's Day MedalMIUI PMIUI 20 Million UsersMIUI 9Super SundayMIUI World TourFan Of MIUI India3500K Forum MembersMIUI 201790000 Forum MembersMIUI 7th AnniversaryRocket to FutureMIUI S2 Million Forum MembersHappy New YearRooster Year of 201710 Million Forum PostsHappy Singles' DayMIUI 50 Million UsersFan Of MIUI SpainMIUI 100 Million UsersMerry ChristmasMIUI Fan From PhilippinesMIUI Happy MedalMIUI Fan From IndonesiaMIUI Lucky FridayPuzzle Master5 Million Forum App InstallsI Love Mi BunnyMiPopGamer Mi BunnyMIUI KingMIUI FB FollowerNougatXiaomi 8th Anniversary5 Million Forum MembersOreoMIUI Weekly Devices QuizMIUI Quick DiscussionSupriseQuick Survey8 Million Forum MembersRedmi Note 5A/PrimeMi TalentOTA FeedbackApp Star25 Million StrongMr. DependableTheme TalentMIUI Halloween 2017Youth PledgeMaster Of TechnologyRingtone ExpertMIUI G+ FollowerMIUI Twitter FollowerStar Wars7 Million Forum Members6 Million Forum MembersAndroid Elf2017 Annual AwardsTechnology GuruMIUI ExpertPioneer of MIUI English Forum Most Active MIUIerDie-hard MIUI FanStar Of TechnologyMi Lover MedalDebate MasterMIUI Medals CollectorForum Contest LoverScroll Of WisdomMi Story TellerRedmi Quiz MasterMIUI FollowerIndonesia Independence DayAndroid Guru

05:05, Feb-13-2018 | From Redmi 2
Useful collection. Thanks for sharing.

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Mi Bluetooth SpeakerMagic CubeMijia Qi CycleYi Action CameraMi ScaleMi HeadphonesMi VR HeadsetUnlock MedalMi Band 2Mi Power Bank 10000MAH Mi Bluetooth Canon SpeakerMi HomeMi MIXMi Yi CameraMi TV 70Mi BoxMi Notebook AirMi Kids WatchMi Bluetooth HeadsetXiaomi 7th AnniversaryMIUI 8MIUI Devices ContestMIUI 7MIUI 2016FlashholicFantastic!I Love MIUIMarshmallowAwesome!Xiaomi Mi 4MIUI 20 Million Users1900K Forum MembersFan Of MIUI PolandMIUI World TourMIUI Fan From IndonesiaMIUI Fan From SingaporeMIUI Fan From BrazilI Love 2016Malaysia Anniversary2100K Forum MembersMIUI Weekly PollMIUI Fan from MalaysiaMIUI 300 WeeksMIUI Fan from IndiaMIUI 6th Anniversary2 Million Forum Members1700K Forum MembersMIUI Forum AppMi Live MedalMid-Autumn FestivalMIUI P1500K Forum MembersDiwali Happy Diwali1800K Forum MembersFan Of MIUI BangladeshOlympics MedalMIUI Fan From NepalMerry Christmas90000 Forum MembersSuper SundayMIUI Font Lover300K Forum MembersRocket to Future3 Million Forum MembersSuper MondaySuper FridayHappy New YearMIUI 9Fan Of MIUI IndiaMIUI Fan From PhilippinesMIUI 50 Million UsersPuzzle MasterMIUI 7th Anniversary500K Forum MembersMIUI 100 Million Users10 Million Forum PostsMIUI Happy MedalMIUI Lucky FridaySuper WednesdayHappy Valentine's Day3 Million Forum App InstallsFan Of MIUI Russia1 Million Forum App InstallsMIUI 2017Surge S1Pokemon Master MedalWomen's Day MedalMiPopAlpaca Mi Bunny Gamer Mi BunnyI Love Mi Bunny8 Million Forum MembersRedmi Quiz MasterMIUI Weekly Devices QuizMi TalentNougat5 Million Forum MembersQuick SurveyOTA FeedbackMIUI Quick DiscussionMi Lover MedalAndroid ElfTechnology GuruXiaomi 8th AnniversaryMIUI FollowerInbox ZeroTheme TalentIndia Independence DayPioneer of MIUI English Forum MIUI KingMIUI Ice Bucket ChallengeScroll Of Wisdom25 Million StrongIndonesia Independence Day6 Million Forum MembersStar Wars2017 Annual AwardsMost Active MIUIerRingtone ExpertMIUI Halloween 2017Updates LoverApp TalentDie-hard MIUI FanAndroid GuruRingtone Star Debate MasterMi Story TellerStar Of TechnologyForum Contest LoverMIUI Twitter FollowerApp TalentApp Star7 Million Forum MembersMaster Of TechnologyMIUI FB FollowerMIUI Medals Collector

11:55, Feb-13-2018 | From PC
Very useful collection. Thanks for sharing

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Mi VRMi MIXMi Bluetooth Canon SpeakerMijia Electric ScooterMi Air PurifierMi WiFiMi Power Bank 10000MAH Mi HomeMi Band 2Mi Bluetooth SpeakerUnlock MedalMijia Story TellerMi HeadphonesMi Yi CameraMagic CubeMi Selfie StickMijia Mi Bunny RobotYi Action CameraMi Power StripMi Water PurifierMi TV 70Mi Plastic In-ear PhonesMi  BunnyMi VR HeadsetMijia Qi CycleMijia VR Play 2Mi BoxMijia 360° Panoramic CameraMi Notebook AirMi Kids WatchMi Bluetooth HeadsetMijia Walkie TalkieMijia Smart PTZ CameraXiaomi 7th AnniversaryMIUI Devices ContestFantastic!MIUI 2016MIUI 8I Love MIUIAwesome!FlashholicAnTuTuMIUI 7MarshmallowRedmi 4/Prime/4ARedmi Note 4Redmi Note 2Mi 4iMi 5Redmi 4XMi TV4 Million Forum MembersMIUI Forum AppMerry ChristmasMIUI Lucky FridayThanksgiving DayI Love 20162100K Forum Members1700K Forum Members1 Million Forum App InstallsFan Of MIUI RussiaHappy New YearRooster Year of 2017MIUI Fan from TurkeyMIUI Monthly TalkMIUI 20171800K Forum Members2 Million Forum MembersMid-Autumn FestivalMIUI Drawing TalentHappy Singles' DayFan Of MIUI IndiaFan Of MIUI SpainMalaysia Anniversary1900K Forum MembersFan Of MIUI BangladeshMIUI World TourMIUI Fan from IndiaMIUI Fan from MalaysiaMIUI 300 WeeksMIUI Fan From IndonesiaFan Of MIUI PolandXiaomi 6th AnniversaryDiwali Happy DiwaliMIUI 6th AnniversaryMIUI Marathon MedalMIUI Weekly Poll1500K Forum MembersOlympics MedalMIUI Fan From SingaporeFan Of MIUI ItalyMi Live Medal3 Million Forum App InstallsFan Of MIUI AustraliaFan Of MIUI UkraineAtaturk Mourning90000 Forum MembersMIUI S3500K Forum MembersMIUI Fan From MyanmarHappy Holi MedalSuper SaturdayMIUI Font Lover300K Forum MembersHilal Ramadan 100k Forum Members1st AnniversaryMIUI 100 Million UsersMIUI 7th AnniversaryMIUI 5th AnniversaryMIUI Fan From Philippines500K Forum MembersMIUI 9Happy Valentine's DayMIUI 20 Million UsersMIUI Philippines Fan MeetupMIUI P5 Million Forum App InstallsSuper SundaySingapore Merlion Medal10 Million Forum Posts3 Million Forum MembersSurge S1Fan Of MIUI FranceWomen's Day MedalPuzzle MasterMIUI Fan From NepalSuper WednesdaySuper FridayMIUI 50 Million UsersFan Of MIUI BulgariaSuper MondayMIUI Happy MedalSuper TuesdaySuper ThursdayRocket to FutureSummer Mi BunnyGamer Mi BunnyAlpaca Mi Bunny MiPopI Love Mi BunnyMIUI Review7 Million Forum Members8 Million Forum Members5 Million Forum MembersMi Story TellerMi Lover MedalMIUI Weekly Devices QuizOreoMIUI Halloween 2017Mr. DependableOTA FeedbackTechnology GuruStar Of Technology6 Million Forum MembersMi TalentStar WarsXiaomi 8th AnniversaryMIUI Follower2017 Annual AwardsMIUI Quick DiscussionMIUI G+ FollowerMIUI Medals CollectorMIUI SuperstarQuick SurveyPioneer of MIUI English Forum Youth PledgeMIUI KingApp StarApp TalentMIUI FB FollowerInbox ZeroHumor MasterMIUI Ice Bucket ChallengeNougatScroll Of WisdomUpdates LoverApp TalentAndroid ElfMIUI ExpertMost Popular Forum UserMIUI Twitter FollowerIndia Independence DayMi Bunny Game Master Ringtone Star 25 Million StrongDebate MasterIndonesia Independence DayRingtone ExpertDie-hard MIUI FanTheme TalentMaster Of TechnologyMIUI Android 4.4 KitKatAndroid GuruMost Active MIUIerForum Contest Lover

11:57, Feb-13-2018 | From PC
Fantastic compilation, Thanks for Sharing
<strong style=&quot;font-weight: 700;&quot;>Always be Happy, Keep Smiling.

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Mi VRMagic CubeMi HomeMi HeadphonesMijia Electric ScooterXiaomi 7th AnniversaryI Love MIUIAnTuTuMIUI Devices ContestMIUI 8Redmi Note 4XSuper SundayMIUI 2017Super Thursday90000 Forum MembersMIUI Happy Medal3 Million Forum MembersMIUI Font Lover10 Million Forum PostsRocket to FutureSurge S1Puzzle MasterMIUI Forum App5 Million Forum App InstallsSuper FridayRingolicious MedalMIUI 5th AnniversaryMIUI 91st AnniversaryMIUI PAtaturk MourningFan Of MIUI AustraliaSuper Tuesday300K Forum MembersMIUI ReviewMIUI Android 4.4 KitKatYouth PledgeMi TalentDie-hard MIUI FanScroll Of WisdomMIUI SuperstarMIUI Medals CollectorMi Lover MedalTheme TalentDebate MasterMaster Of TechnologyRingtone Star MIUI ExpertMIUI FollowerMost Popular Forum UserPioneer of MIUI English Forum Forum Contest LoverMost Active MIUIer

13:25, Feb-13-2018 | From PC
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